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This section gives a brief explanation of each department and a synopsis of the creation and masterminds behind an informative web site designed for all automotive enthusiasts.

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Theprdirectory Addicts was created for auto enthusiasts of all types. Whether you like to dream about your favorite super car, drive like a maniac, enjoy the presence of other car lovers or have a slight interest in the automotive world, you will feel at home visiting Theprdirectory Addicts dot com. We strive to give our readers the most interesting automotive related material on the internet without recycling material from other networks.

We serve up fresh content with a little warning…

*You may become Addicted to the content found on TheprdirectoryAddicts.com. It is advisable to seek professional help in the case that you are not able to let-go of TheprdirectoryAddicts.com. If you are Addicted, please, do not over-dose. We are not liable for any damages!

All about Theprdirectory Addicts

TheprdirectoryAddicts.com was proudly founded in 2004 by Malcolm Hogan as a personal hobby website.  The site was originally created for auto enthusiasts of all types, including enthusiast who like super cars, driving fast, or just simply enjoy the presence of other car lovers.  The site has evolved over the past 13 years, and now provides compelling, candid, and in depth car reviews each week, from various industry influencers, the site delivers original content, without recycling material from other networks.  Since its inception TheprdirectoryAddicts.com has participated with the local car enthusiast community and in 2008 began overseeing of the 9-year-running monthly event in Jacksonville, Florida attracting thousands from local areas.

With a wide array of automotive news, original features, shows, and related multimedia content and a central focus on the automotive world, TheprdirectoryAddicts.com is able to offer advertisers with ad spots to display products, services, websites or any other resource that may be remotely related to the automotive enthusiast audience.

TheprdirectoryAddicts.com is proud to be an American business employing dedicated automotive enthusiasts who are able to captivate readers from all over the world.

Sunday is reserved as a day off for Theprdirectory Addicts. The decision to recognize Sunday as a day off is our way of honoring God and directing our attention to the important things in life. Please feel free to visit us any day of the week including Sundays as the site is always available to all users. Thank you.

Content Disclaimer

TheprdirectoryAddicts.com accepts vehicle loans from auto manufacturers with a tank of gas and sometimes insurance for the purpose of evaluation and editorial content. Similar to other automotive news outlets and the auto industry in general, we may accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drives and automotive coverage opportunities. Our opinions are solely our own. We do not accept sponsored editorial or base our opinions off of offers from any source.

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  • Publisher and Theprdirectory Addicts Cars & Coffee Founder: Malcolm Hogan
  • Senior Editor and Theprdirectory Addicts Cars & Coffee Co-Owner: Chris Brewer

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